Agile Assessment Graphic


An Agile Assessment can identify if your organization is ready to adopt or practice the Agile Method. Uncertainty and change is tough to manage as an organization so identifying your current agility level is essential for setting the context for organizational change.

Our Agile Assessment and Training Solution assesses your organization’s initial agile maturity and helps you create a custom strategy to adopt and implement the Agile Method. Referencing an effective assessment and implementation plan is an important element of measuring the progress and success of your Agile implementation.

CoreAxisAgile helps your organization build a strong foundation to complete an Agile transition by while utilizing the prevalent Scrum and Agile relationship for training and implementation. We develop a well-planned approach balancing change management, organizational goals, and technical strengths

Team Formation and Training

As many organizations transition to the Agile Method, often their existing teams are not cross functional and not aligned with customer oriented value streams. Our Agile Training Solution will help you transform your existing teams into new agile teams in order to optimize your success with the Agile Method.

At CoreAxisAgile, we train organizational teams by providing a complete introduction to the principles and practices of Agile and Scrum. We train organizations on how to form effective agile teams, determine what types of teams are needed, and train team members on successful implementation agile practices.