Agile Teams

At CoreAxisAgile, we coach organizations as they create pilot teams using the Agile method and as they mature into the need for enterprise-wide Agile Transformations.

Agile Coaching develops the capabilities of each team member in their specific roles and enables them to deliver customer value rapidly and efficiently.

Typically, even the best training does not fully prepare an organization for implementing the Agile method, our Agile coaches help guide teams past the stumbling blocks organizations encounter as they navigate through the Agile process. Combining coaching capabilities with mentoring, teaching and facilitating, CoreAxisAgile coaches transform talented individuals into a high-performing Agile team.

Executive Coaching

The CoreAxisAgile Executive Coaching Solution is about bringing out the best in individuals and leveraging their experience and knowledge so they can adopt and implement the agile methodology more quickly. Executive leaders should understand the values and principles of the Agile Method that are the foundation for the organizational frameworks and practices.

CoreAxisAgile coaches have industry-leading experience in guiding senior and executive leaders through an agile transformation including developing a deep understanding of business process and IT alignment, planning, and organizational behavioral change. Understanding and embracing the Agile Method by executive leadership promotes a cultural shift that is required to adopt and leverage agile processes across the enterprise. This includes a deep understanding of how Agile impacts Business-IT alignment, Release Planning, Quality and Cultural/Behavioral change.

Project Consulting

Consulting is very similar to coaching, except consulting typically focuses on removing specific barriers impeding an agile implementation, transforming a project using agile methodology, or to help facilitate a cultural change as a result of adopting the Agile Method.

CoreAxisAgile consultants leverage approaches like Scrum to initiate improvements in existing and new agile teams that have stopped performing and producing. We help identify and address areas of waste and impediments to delivery and collaboration.

Our consultants work with you to develop a customized Agile Solution including adoption and implementation plans. We’ve worked with various clients across industries to help make agile easier. As a consulting partner, we lead projects where necessary and then support the client team as you mature and start experiencing improvement in your teams.