Collaborative Scaling

CoreAxisAgile guides you through the challenges that will arise as you scale Agile across an enterprise. We can develop a repeatable pattern for building training, and integrating effective agile teams that can be deployed across your organization.

Our Agile Transformation Solution is a comprehensive program that leverages the Agile Method and practices to help your business meet organizational goals through improved team productivity, responsive collaboration, and agile planning and coordination at scale. We work with you to design and implement a custom transformation program that will promote and sustain Agility across your enterprise.

Agile Transformation Step 1

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformations change your organization into an enterprise that is lean, adaptive, and value-focused. These transformations occur when an enterprise or organization begins to consistently and effectively deploy the Agile Method. This can begin with a single team but typically involves a longer term agile transformation solution.

At CoreAxisAgile, our Agile Transformation Solution includes coaching and consulting, assessment and training, and scaling and change management to provide the supporting structure that makes Agile at scale a reality. We consult with a senior or executive leader (or a management group), who is responsible for the agile transformation. Using Scrum and Agile principles, we work with your transformation leadership team to build a customized solution for your transformation program.

Together we can help your organization evolve into an Agile enterprise equipped with the tools, environments, processes and structures to enable advanced Agile practices.